Bible Class for Children (Sunday School)

Br. Roy Varughese Headmaster

Praise the Lord!
Greetings from Salem AG Sunday school.
Happy to inform you that our Sunday school will start at 7.50 am every Friday with the prayer of pastor @ hall no.1 of SWC.
We have 1.30 hrs of programs ending with Kids Snacks.

We have arranged 2 sessions. 45 minutes for a common class for all students, having different programs and other 45 minutes we have regular individual classes from KG level to senior classes until 12 grade.

In the first half of 45 minutes starts with kids action song learning session and new song learning session. Teaching, leading and guiding by blessed talented teachers like Br. Phinny and supported by other teachers and much talented musical team with advanced musical instruments.

Thereafter we have spared some time for Sunday school children to perform by themselves for what they have learned and studied. This session has mainly led by senior students programs like kids worship session, testimonies, short messages etc. This is motivating them to come to leadership level and increase their confidence level and it will be a blessed experience especially for the outgoing students and become a model for other small children.
Apart from all these, we have arranged special classes for all students in their common class session whenever there are any special guests available. And also we are showing some special exclusive videos for children in this session for molding their character and lifestyle in Christian spirit.
All these are very blessings for children.

And also we request your valuable prayers for this ministry and we have dedicated 20 teachers and also there are guest teachers & part-time teachers. Please pray for them and especially for our Sunday school students.

Thank you so much for your cooperation.

May God bless you all abundantly.

For SAG Sunday school

Head Master.
Roy Varughese.



  1. Pr. Jacob Varghese



  1. Bro. Libin Thomas
  2. Sis. Shiny Baiju
  3. Sis. Kochumol Thomas
  4. Sis. Subi Prince
  5. Bro. Aben Matthew
  6. Sis. Leena Anoop
  7. Sis. Anu Shaji
  8. Sis. Florence Sanjay
  9. Sis. Sheela Roy
  10. Sis. Alveena Aben
  11. Sis. Jiphy Joji
  12. Bro. Wilson Daniel
  13. Sis. Roja Moni
  14. Sis. Shiny Anish
  15. Sis. Siju Libu
  16. Bro. Anoop Kumar
  17. Bro. Thomas Varghese
  18. Bro. Anand Thomas
  19. Bro. Roy Varughese


Part-Time Teachers

  1. Bro. C.K. Thomas
  2. Dr. Johnson K. George


Music Teachers

  1. Bro. Phinny Abraham
  2. Bro. Kevin John Lincoln